Care Instructions

Care Instructions

1. Avoid excess exposure of hair to water. Water will make your hair dry.

2. Always use sulfur-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the health of hair cuticles.

3. Avoid cutting the weft or using excess force when brushing that could lead to hair shedding.

4. Always brush your hair downward starting from the bottom sections of your hair. First, the bottom 3 inches, then the bottom 6 inches, and continue until you reach the root of the hair.

5. Avoid excessive heat to prevent unnecessary damage and split ends.

6. Use the multi-stage method when bleaching the hair to a lighter color.

7. Avoid excessive bleach time, over bleaching will burn any human hair.

8. Apply a light amount of diluted argon oil to maintain the hair and give it a natural healthy shine and smooth texture.

9. Consult a professional hair stylist when trying to bleach, dye, or perm this hair.

By following these care tips, our hair can last up to 1 YEAR with good maintenance.