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What is Remy hair?

What is Remy hair?

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair that is used for hair extensions and wigs. It is the most preferred option for people because only in this type of hair, the cuticles can be kept intact. Maintenance and alignment of the hair cuticles in a unidirectional fashion is essential for weaving to create an extension or wig that has a completely natural appearance.

Remy hair can be divided into 6 quality categories based on length grading and processing. Basically, there are 3 types of each of Virgin and Non-Virgin Remy hair. Virgin Remy is the most natural form of human hair. It is neither chemically treated nor has any coloring, perming or any other processing done on the strands. As a result, it is the most preferred option for wigs and extensions. Non-Virgin Remy hair, on the other hand, undergoes some chemical processing and treatment (often involves changing of the hair color) in its way to becoming hair extensions or wig.

The differentiations made in Virgin and Non-Virgin Remy hair are based on length of hair per weft. These include:

Single drawn Remy hair: It comprises of hair of different lengths that naturally grows the head. As the cuticles remain intact, these pieces look natural.

Double drawn Remy hair: It is sorted in such a way that all the hairs in a weft are between one or two inches in length.

Double drawn and Sorted: This is the most expensive grade of Remy hair. It takes adequate amount of time to sort the hair so that all the strands are of the same length.

Indian hair is the most popular choice for Remy hair mainly for its color and texture. Next, comes the Brazilian hair. Nowadays even the European hair is considered for Remy hair.

Regardless of its origin, much care is taken during hair cutting and maintaining the cuticles that give Remy hair its smooth texture. It is well worth the price because it gives the feeling of one’s own natural hair.