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Can I swim in chlorine pools with my hair extensions?

Can I swim in chlorine pools with my hair extensions?

Can I swim in chlorine pools with my hair extensions?

A common question with new hair extensions is wondering if you can swim in chlorine pools without causing significant damage to your hair. Of course you can still enjoy the pool on a hot day, but it is important to use necessary products and methods to ensure that your extensions stay strong and healthy.

Swimming will not damage the bonds of your hair extensions but it is recommendable that you do not have them wet for too many hours at a time. Try not to swim for no more than two hours at a time to prevent the slight shedding of your hair. Just being conscientious of the length of time your hair is in chlorine water will keep your hair healthy and shiny as opposed to shedding and dullness that may take place.

You can obviously use a swimming cap to protect your hair from not only the water but also the sun. just be careful that you do not pull your extensions as they won’t come out by themselves until and unless you tug at them while in direct sunlight and chlorine water.

Once you are done swimming, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly, as you need to rinse out the salt water or chlorine, or else these chemicals will settle in and break down the bonds eventually.

You can use a leave- in conditioner on the ends of your hair to keep them soft, nourished and tangle free. To dry your hair, use a blow dryer, but only after you have brushed it gently to detangle the hair from any possible knots.

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